Getting rid of roof tiles in favour of colorbond

downloadSo, you’re thinking about replacing the roof tiles with colorbond roof, but are just not sure if you should go ahead with it. You just don’t have enough information to see if the colorbond re-roofing would make any difference or make your roof better in any way. Well, we’ve decided to help you out by comparing these two types of roof, and at the end when you complete reading this, you should be able to reach a conclusion if you should go ahead with the replacement, or keep using your roof tiles. So, let’s see the differences between these two types of roof, and what it is that makes one better than the other.

First of all, if you have an architecturally demanding house, you should go for the colorbond, because it does manage to pull of some of the most amazing and the most risky roofs ever. This material is loved by the architects, and if you have a modern roof, you ought to go with the colorbond, because besides the fact its better for them, it makes it look stylish and completely new.

However, when it comes to noise, you ought to opt for the tiles, because they are known to dampen it. If you are a person that does not like the sound of rain falling on the metal roof, you should definitely choose the tiles, because even when it’s isolated, the sound of rain on metal cannot be as dampened by the colorbond as the roof tiles can.

If you’re worried about the weight of the roof, they you need to know that the colorbond is extremely light, and is a lot lighter that the roof tiles. If you use the colorbond, your roof will never collapse due of its own weight (or the weight of the stuff that’s on the roof, such as the heavy snow), and because of the light colorbond, the framing can be lighter as well with wider spacing.

If you live in a place with heavy rain or snowfalls, or if various things (like rocks) keep falling on your roof, you should opt for the colorbond, because it is much more resilient than the roof tiles. Also, if you need to do any work on the roof, or if you need to get something down from it, you’ll be much safer on the colorbond than you ever would be on roof tiles. Speaking on roof work, you ought to know that the roof tiles do crack a lot more than the colorbond does.images

Now you know the differences between the roof tiles and the colorbond, and after reading this you ought to be able to decide if the tiles or the colorbond would fit your roof better. Calculate everything and then decide if you should replace your roof tiles with colorbond. We believe that it is a smart thing to do, and the only reason for not doing so seems to be the noise. However, this can be dampened with isolation, making the colorbond perfect for all weather conditions and for every roof.

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