5 Ways To Increase Sales Conversions

First off, what are sales conversions? For example, you are an entrepreneur and you have a beauty salon. Your business is a word-of-mouth business which means that clients will go to you because of feedback from a satisfied customer. Right? But as an entrepreneur, you want to move and find ways on how to make income. This is where sales conversions come in.

Conversion rate means the percentage of people who calls your salon after receiving an email, a discount coupon or some sort of advertisement. They called you because you made an action that resulted to them making that move. And that is what you want for them to do as your prospects.

So, in a way, you can close that deal with them by talking to your client over the phone and explaining your services. Once you “make that sale”, your business will earn a customer and some money, correct? This is what you are aiming for.

Now, there are 5 ways to increase your sales conversions. These are things that you can do for the benefit of your business. Remember these ways and reap of the benefits when the time comes:

1. Go online with your business.

Almost everyone is internet savvy so use this to your gain. Increase your social conversation rate by:

• Create a website or web page for your business.

• In the page or site, have a testimonials box so that people can read what others have experienced in your establishment.

• Be sure to put your contact details, address and a map of your location.

• Put up your qualifications and credentials for clients to see.

• Customers love guarantees and warranties – if you can offer them, do so.

• Teasers and blogs on your website or web page can add to you conversion rate.

• Make a headline to keep customers intrigued.

2. Use the “bargaining chip” to close the deal.

If you work it online, then, you must also work on it offline. Say words like – What if I take10% off on this service if you commit to buy it now? Will you be interested in that? – This is a way for you to entice the prospective client. Instead of leaving you empty handed by saying no, the customer will most likely take that 10% off to accept your services and that is income for you.

3. “Talk” to your customers about “other” things.

A little chit-chat will increase your conversion rate. Start off with simple pleasantries – name, how he or she came to know the services of the business, the needs and expectations. After that, you can tell your story – about your business, your services, your products – why it is worth their money and the value of it to them. Lastly, you offer the service. They will ask for the price and if they say no, it means that they are hesitant of the price. Go back to number 2 if that happens. Listen to why they are objecting. You might learn something there to improve your conversion rate even more.

4. Both online and offline, you have to make your prospects excited.

Online – It needs to be posted on your page that your product is _________. Fill in the blanks.
Offline – Create a poster or tarpaulin and place it in front of your establishment.

• This can make you look younger in 7 days!

• Expect glowing skin in a snap!

• Acne gone in 24 hours!

These are some examples on how to excite your client.

5. Package your business, the products or services. Too many options may confuse your clients. Focus on a specific product for a specific client and their specific need. In this way, you will increase your conversion rate.

You also have to track your sales conversion progress. It can be done daily or monthly. But daily recording of the sales conversion development will assist you more on how you can improve. Follow these tips and you are on your way on making a sale.

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